Professional Computer Repair

Got Computer Problems? No PROBLEM!

Southeastern Technology specializes in diagnosing and repairing
any software or hardware issues you may be experiencing!

Computer Refreshs and Tune-Ups $75

House / Business calls and remote support also available.


This free service tests all critical system hardware including hard drives, memory, cpu, and motherboards while our software diagnostics checks for virus's, malware, and operating system corruption.

Hard Disk Replacement

Hard drives are usually the first piece of hardware in a computer system to fail due to having mechanical moving parts. We now replace all hard drives with solid state disks providing zero chance of future failure.

Component Failure

If your system will not power on or is having issues with random reboots or blue screens you likely have a hardware issue such as a failing hard drive or bad RAM. We can diagnose and fix all hardware issues!

Malware & Virus's

If you are seeing pop-ups, unrecognized programs, and excessive advertisements while using your computer, then you are more than likely infected with malware. We offer tune-up services to fully clean any infection!

Data Services

Moving to a new computer? We offer in house data transfers to insure a seamless transition to your new computer without losing important data. We can also assist in the recovery of data from failed hard drives and devices.

Gaming Builds

Looking to get into the world of PC gaming? We are here to guide you. We can quote and build any custom build you can dream of or assist you with any issues you may be having with your custom built machine.