Get To Know Us

Who We Are

Southeastern Technology Specialist, LLC (STS) was founded in September 2010. Headquartered in Manning, South Carolina, STS is made up by several divisions to custom fit all of your technology needs. At STS we feel a successful organization is based on a strong foundation of Innovation, Knowledge and Commitment. Just as a consulting agency does more than simply provide a service, it becomes a part of a team, and in so doing, must see you as more than just another client. Southeastern Technology Specialist is a full service Technology consulting agency, becoming a part of your business or home. Since not every company can afford their own Network Engineer or Computer Specialist, and even for those who can but who need a little help, we provide innovative solutions at an affordable cost.

With the combined experience of our development staff, our partnerships, and extensive set of proven tools and analytical systematic approach to problem solving, we will identify and resolve your system problems in a quick and concise manor. It is our COMMITMENT to you, the End User, that we understand your concerns and treat them with the same understanding as we would our own. Using our skills and KNOWLEDGE, we develop INNOVATIVE solutions at a fraction of the cost. We provide full technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Working with Southeastern Technology Specialist you will see the innovative solutions that set us apart from the rest. You decide what is best for you and we will create a service package around your needs. Letting you decide the direction, while we create the path. This is Southeastern Technology Specialists.